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contains some strong language.

Every moment of pain lets you know you’re alive.Every moment of joy lets you know it’s worth it.+ Fuck fake I’ll wear my heart on my sleeve,It beats for me, not for you+ I am a woman I long for her smile and comfort Why can’t I love her?I am a man I adore his strength and his tenderness Why can’t I embrace him?I am a human of beauty and flaws.Treat me like a person.I am cold and lonely I seek love like you.I am a Christian worshipping God next to you.I am a Muslim bowing five times a day with you.I am a soldier dying to protect you.I am me and I love.Does it matter who in a world of fear and hate?+ “I” emails, midnight texts,bangs on my door while I’m still in bed.Good-mood vampire–can’t banish you;Whining “friend”–draining me to replenish your well of tears as you cry on my shoulder while gnawing at my spirit.The shoulder rub,the pat on your back,the “It’ll be okay” assurance don’t stop you from taking it out on me.Abuse no more my friendship, my heart.Comfort you shall not have till you fix your own damn problem.+ “i just wish my friends were closer i hate that my only friend is a pet cactus.oh, i got some flowers yesterday but they will die soon so i guess they don’t count as a friend.”“they can be your friend until they die that’s more than most people”

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