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Beneath my feet, there is something I cannot comprehend Between my breaths, I have an anxiety that never ends In the darkness of my pupil there is a reflection of what I’ve been looking for Suspended on my finger tips is the one thing I want On the tip of my tongue, its name escapes me The hair on the back of my neck stands as I feel its breath A chill like the touch of a boney finger runs down my spine This experience, for the first time in years, is something new I can feel its eyes, staring deep into my eyes I can feel its hand grabbing at what remains of the boy I once was All that remains of me is a shadow on the ground Exposed by the light, the man that I have reluctantly become Does it know what I have forsaken to keep this much?Can it understand that all that separated us is gone? Standing here, I invoke in it what it wanted from me The persistent chill in the air disappears under my breath The whistle in the wind falls silent in the presence of my smile The clouds hide the sun, who is too fearful to look Their tears for you will flow for hours and miles You tremble so much that I can see your face for the first time You are not what I expected, but I will not change my response I am not who you wanted, but my hand holds you back I aim to disappoint you, even if it costs me everything There is nothing you can take from me that I wouldn’t steal back I will have none of this, or it will destroy the rest of me You look at who I’ve become and you see fear I look at you and for the first time I see your fear As our eyes lock it becomes clear, for the first time to me We no longer have any interest in each other, nor have we empathy Neither of us is willing to succumb to the needs of the other You cannot have what is mine, I will protect those I care about You cannot have what is me, I no longer care to give in You can no longer have my heart, I’ll never want you again You cannot come here any-more, You have worn out your welcome Remember this, there once was a time when we were meant for each other There was a time when I would have given you my world Just to watch you take it Just because I was too weak You may exist between my breaths, but as long as I breath There is no room for you here, you are not wanted.



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